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Our History

Providing New England with fresh, local seafood has been the Faro family’s passion for nearly eighty years. As both Constitution Seafoods’ founder and fourth-generation fish monger, James Faro Senior knows seafood. Born and raised in one of Massachusetts’ small seaside towns, Jim Sr. learned the fish trade at his grandfather’s knee--himself the founder of Bay State Lobster Company. In 1977, Jim Sr. joined Bay State Lobster Company as a fish cleaner and cutter; starting at the bottom so as to participate in every aspect of the family business, where he eventually advanced to managing sales and seafood purchasing. With thirty years of firsthand experiences under his belt and a family legacy to uphold, Jim Sr. began Constitution Seafoods in 1993. Jim Senior’s son--and fifth generation seafood purveyor--Jim Junior continues the generational passion by following in his great-grandfather and father’s footsteps as the company’s dedicated general manager. 

Welcome to the Family

Our mission at Constitution Seafoods is to make you feel like a part of our family by providing quality fish and a personal level of service. Unlike distributors who offer salmon alongside chicken, fish is all we do. And with twenty years of experience backed by generations of industry knowledge, our seafood is the freshest and of the highest quality across New England--if we wouldn’t eat it, you won’t eat it! 

Our Promise

Located in South Boston’s historic seafood district, we breathe, eat, and live seafood six days a week, every week. Because fish is all we do, each order is thoroughly vetted for quality, freshness, and accuracy before shipment. Constitution Seafoods’ state of the art seafood processing facility complies with all state and federal guidelines in addition to being HACCP and ServSafe certified so you can rest easy knowing that your fish has been meticulously inspected for quality and freshness. 

Each and every order is hand picked, reviewed, and expertly packed prior to shipping. Working directly with lobster boats and seafood dealers from Maine to Rhode Island ensures that our lobsters and seafood are New England fresh. Although Constitution Seafoods is known for having the freshest seafood in New England, we also offer a variety of cost-effective, premium frozen items such as: CO2 sealed tuna, mahi and lobster meat, IQF haddock, tilapia, grouper, shrimp, etc.      

Like our fish, responsibility comes naturally--we are a small, but honest business who, unlike many of our larger competitors, does not mislabel seafood for financial gain. In an ever changing market, we understand the peaks and valleys of food costs and take the time to match product with your menu as well as your budget. So whether fresh, frozen, local, domestic, or imported, let New England’s own Constitution Seafoods be your one stop shop. 

Dedicated and Personal Service

As Boston’s most trusted seafood supplier, Constitution Seafoods prides itself on providing exemplary customer service and fresh, quality fish. Owned and operated by 4th and 5th generation seafood purveyors, we know fish and we know what our clients want. Looking for a specialty item and coming up short? More often than not, we can locate and deliver it within a few days. Because our clients are our first priority, we offer a no-charge delivery service that is available Monday thru Saturday. We give you added peace of mind with the ability to place last minute and emergency orders, ensuring that your establishment continues to run smoothly and effortlessly. 

Our dedicated, knowledgeable staff have a combined experience of over eighty years seafood experience and we strive to forge personal relationships with every client by assigning an individual salesperson to each account. Your salesperson serves as the main point of contact at Constitution Seafoods and will take your orders, set your invoice, ensure timely deliveries, and take care of any and all customer service inquires without the hassle of a middleman. 

New England seafood is in our blood and has been our passion for generations, a passion rivaled only by our dedication and love for family. As such, we here at Constitution Seafoods look forward to working with you in the near future, promising you, your customers, and your families’ complete satisfaction and enjoyment of our fresh, quality seafoods.   


Barry Segel