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Seeking: Innovative Ideas!

Whether you’re one of Ferrara’s current or prospective creative assets, we want your ideas. If your idea is intriguing, forward-thinking, ingenious, cutting-edge--or maybe all of the above--read on for information regarding our submission criteria.   

About You:

You are inquisitive, analytical, intelligent, efficient, and inventive. You are an executive of a worldwide company. You are a cashier. You are a small business owner. You are a student. You are passionate about and dedicated to your idea. 

About Us:

We are collectors of compelling ideas and useful products. We thrive on providing workable solutions to complex questions. We value individualism, integrity, and intelligence. We strive for excellence in all of our endeavours. We seek to do business with the future in mind. 

Are We a Match?

YES IF: The one-of-a-kind, unique, game-changing idea or product addresses a need within product development, merchandising and/or packaging, technology, or other such relevant space(s). The idea or product is intellectually protected via a granted patent or patent-pending application. The innovation provides a better alternative to one currently in use, offers a better value to our customers, or proposes a completely new, applicable idea to a previously unmet demand. 

NO IF: The innovation is not legally owned or represented by you. The idea or product is unable to be disclosed on a non-confidential basis, contains confidential information and/or documents. Ideas or products that do not consist of protectable intellectual property. The proposed innovation pertains to the marketing sector encompassing promotions, advertising campaigns, slogans, songs, and/or commercialized content. The idea is a sales pitch for commodities and/or services (please visit our suppliers page for information regarding sales). 

Let’s Connect!

If your innovative idea or product checks all our boxes, we want to read it! Please complete the following questions for consideration of your submission. We’re excited to meet you.


Barry Segel