Mr. Sid "Sid Says" Blog: Dorchester Brewing Co

Boston is no lightweight when it comes to beer. With six local breweries--Samuel Adams and Harpoon among them--the Bay State loves its hops. New on the brew-scene and open for business just this past weekend, Dorchester Brewing Company is a hybrid of functions: one part brewery, one part bar, and one part socioeconomic experiment, Boston’s newest brewery is the place to be.

Dorchester Brewing Company--aka DBco--is the brainchild of four Boston business professionals and lovers of all things beer. Housed inside an old brick warehouse, the facility maintains an industrial feel with exposed pipes, concrete flooring, and massive floor to ceiling windows that open onto Mass Ave. Offering craft brewers a state-of-the-art brewing facility with opportunities to produce, package, store, sell, and market their product, DBco is a place of community and support for local brewers.

While the brewing equipment is certainly impressive, DBco’s unique taproom is the main attraction for us non-brewers. The bar’s two large rooms feature rustic picnic-style tables illuminated by chrome pendant lights. The bar itself is sleek and understated with reclaimed wood and iron details and fits ten to twelve people comfortably. Brews on tap are all made in-house and currently include: Clapp’s Cream Ale, Mass Ave IPA, V1 Double IPA, Savin Summer Stout, Nitro of the Day, and Geiger Roggen. Beer aside, perhaps the most unique aspect--and one reason for its immediate popularity--of DBco’s taproom is its family friendly atmosphere. Obviously non-drinking, the taproom’s youngest patrons are kept entertained with an armoire chock full of retro games (Rock em’ Sock em’ Robots anyone?), play dough, and crayons while their parents and caregivers enjoy a delicious house brew in relative peace.  

Recognizing a lack of brewing facilities within the city limits and seeing the incredible potential in Boston’s largest neighborhood, DBco’s Dorchester location is surprising yet oh-so-clever. Known mostly for being a little rough around the edges, Dorchester is beginning to see a Renaissance with an influx of new housing construction, renovations, and small businesses like DBco, move in. As stated on their website, DBco chose Dorchester to “support the economic industry by serving as a catalyst to further build the community and bring manufacturing back to Dorchester.” With property values skyrocketing and the nearby South Bay Shopping Center overhaul slated to begin, we think Dorchester is well on its way to reinventing itself.  

Next time you’re in Boston, head over to Dorchester Brewing Company for some craft brews and a game of Scrabble. The facility will soon offer weekend tours so keep checking their site for news, events, and updates!


Emily Oman