Scene Magazine: Pantry Blurb

It’s 6:30 on a Tuesday night. You had a work nine hour work day, suffered through rush hour

traffic, picked up the kids from school and finally made it home, exhausted. The last thing you

want to do is plan and shop for dinner. Enter Brookline’s innovative food boutique Pantry; a one

stop shop (with delivery coming soon) for wholesome recipe kits at affordable prices. Each meal

features pre-measured ingredients complete with step by step recipe cards and videos to help

you create a culinary masterpiece in just 20-45 minutes. Co-founders Amanda Mayo and Dennis

Lasko describe Pantry as the solution for alleviating the stress of planning and shopping for a

meal while cutting down on food waste and saving time by pre-measuring each and every

component included in the recipe. Featuring inspired, locally sourced ingredients, Pantry offers

up to 20 gourmet recipes like Kimchi Meatloaf With Soy Butter Roasted Potatoes, Vietnamese

Shaken Beef with Red Watercress Salad and Pickled Onions, and Lamb and English Pea

Orecchiette with Spring Onions, Lemon, and Mint. And if that isn’t enough, Pantry also offers

sommelier paired wines and beers as the perfect compliment to each meal. The dreaded

question of “what’s for dinner?” is finally answered with Pantry’s simple and attractive meal

solutions designed with you in mind. Swing by 1622 Beacon Street or check them out at http:// to get inspired.

Emily Oman